Produced and Arranged by
Jeffrey Klitz
(Bearheart Records)

Bill Mays (piano)
Jon Burr (bass)
Terry Clarke (drums)
Thomas Ulric (cello)

Photo: Martha Camarillo

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I Hear Music
Burton Lane/Frank Loesser

Sequined Mermaid Dress
David Cantor

Let's Face The Music And Dance
Irving Berlin

I Love You
Cole Porter

For You, For Me, Forevermore
George Gershwin/Ira Gershwin
I Was Brought To My Senses

My Romance
Richard Rodgers/Lorenz Har

Too Marvelous For Words
Johnny Mercer/Richard Whiting

Two For The Road
Henry Mancini/Leslie Bricusse

I Could Write A Book
Richard Rodgers/Lorenz Hart

My Favorite Things
Richard Rodgers/Oscar Hammerstein II

Lucky To Be Me
Leonard Bernstein/Betty Comden & Adolph Green

Last Go 'Round
David Cantor

I'm Beginning To See The Light
Harry James, Duke Ellington,
Johnny Hodges & Don George

Zan Stewart, DownBeat
Almost all the familiar songs delivered here by the talented Dupuis have been outfitted with unusual arrangements. "I Love You" goes into a fast 12/8 for the chorus, then snappy swing for the bridge. The bolero-like "Let's Face The Music" is a killer; so's the original, "Sequined Mermaid Dress." Mays, Burr and Clarke are wonders!

Ken Dryden, All Music Guide
This very expressive singer has everything going for her on her debut release: an expressive and varied approach to familiar material, top notch arrangements by Jeff Klitz, and an outstanding trio consisting of pianist Bill Mays, bassist Jon Burr and drummer Terry Clarke. Her sassy look at "I Hear Music," a sense of drama on "Let's Face The Music And Dance," and the lagging behind her trio in "My Favorite Things" are all a delight. Catherine Dupuis is a new voice worth hearing.

Jerome Wilson, Cadence
Dupuis has a loud, brassy style, but she proves as soon as the opening arrangement of "I Hear Music" that she can navigate twists of tempo and volume with ease. She goes on to tackle a varied collection of songs that allow her to be both the sophisticated hipster and the jaded singer. Her hard swinging style on "Sequined Mermaid Dress" continually reminded me of Annie Ross. The trio behind her gets modern in their accompaniment on songs like "Two For The Road" and "I Love You," switching tempos and vamping on the chords, but Dupuis sings beautifully over it all. If Janis Siegel or Cheryl Bentine ever left the Manhattan Transfer, she'd make a perfect replacement.

Alex Henderson, All Music Guide
In the 1990s, too many less-than-original jazz singers made the mistake of taking familiar approaches to overdone standards. Unless you've really developed something distinctive, it's best to stay away from famous Cole Porter and Irving Berlin songs and try to put your mark on something that doesn't have a lot of history in a jazz setting. Catherine Dupuis tackles her share of well known standards on her debut album, I Hear Music, but she's original and risk-taking enough to keep things from becoming boring or predictable. A quirky and playful yet sensitive vocalist who combines the influence of Annie Ross and Sheila Jordan with elements of cabaret and theater music, Dupuis manages to put her own spin on all-too-familiar standards like "I Love You," "My Romance," "Too Marvelous for Words" and "I'm Beginning to See the Light." The theatrical elements on this CD aren't surprising given that Dupuis (who is backed by pianist Bill Mays, bassist Jon Burr and drummer Terry Clarke) has done her share of plays. The singer also brings Sting's "I Was Brought to My Senses" into a jazz environment, and her successful interpretation of his lyrics makes one wish that she would find some more contemporary pop-rock tunes to interpret. "I Hear Music" isn't perfect – it's generally likable, though slightly uneven and a little too cutesy and campy at times. But Dupuis deserves credit for taking her share of chances, and many of them – not all, but many – pay off for her.

Dave Nathan, All About Jazz
An affinity for the music and the talent to deliver it–this is a fine effort.